With well over thirty years service within the marine industry, our company formed to meet the ever growing needs for today’s recreational yachtsman. From the initial purchase of a vessel, we work with a customer providing a commissioning service, proper orientation, and training both at the dock and underway. Realizing that many of our customers are family oriented, our goals become making the owner/operator experience of boating a more pleasurable and satisfying one for all involved.
Additionally, we specialize in the management and maintenance of each vessel. From basic monthly and yearly services all the way to extraordinary projects. Our award winning pedigree includes major rebuilds and refits of boats currently up to 91’, including wood, fiberglass and aluminum hulls, all of which are hands on or managed directly in a marine facility. Having the client involved with all aspects of the experience produces a more educated and qualified yachtsman, which in turn allows further enjoyment on the water with less worry.

Our company offers the assurance customers seek, so that they can really enjoy the use of their boat when that time allotment comes. Specifically, we service the North Florida Area however; our clientele spans our services to include South Florida. We come to whatever facility your boat resides including residential areas. We provide orientation and training services wherever you are which conveniently can be included with a vessel delivery. Furthermore, we have great working relationships with various full service yards we’ve worked with in the past and present, so if you are in need of certain service work, we can either recommend one or work with one you may already use.